Your smart phone has other uses, too, apart from calls, text, email, Facebook, and Instagram. You can enjoy Youtube as well! Here are awesome shows that you can catch at Youtube!


Cupcake Wars

The sweet battle for sugar supremacy and $10,000 got bakers all over the US lining up for this show. Audiences are on the edge of their seats, too, as delectable battles take some bitter losses and sweet wins.


Conan O Brien

The famous red-head talkshow host uploads some interviews and clips from his show which is awesome!

watch here:


Saturday Night Live

The long-time running comedy sketch show taped in front of a live audience can go from political humor to crazy humor.

watch here:


I’m always on the lookout for the best deals online. I like getting a good bargain. Hey, times are tough and wages aren’t increasing. Whenever I want to satisfy my inner consumer or really need something, I browse through the following online websites (guaranteed legit; tried and tested).

where i shop

Aionlineshop – These are Divisoria items with guaranteed Divisoria prices! Some people have the nerve to sell such items at high rates. The nerve of some people! Haha!

Lazada – Lazada almost has it all. They often have huge sales so I’m always on the lookout for items with the lowest prices!

Zalora – Zalora has a LOT of fashion items and they can really stretch the price during big sales.

MyEveryDayFashion – They have unique fashion items most of the time so it’s a joy to browse through this site.

Tomato – The online store of Tomato offers free shipping for purchase worth P400 and up! When they bring down prices, they surely bring it down.

Stuck waiting for something or someone? Here are some cool videos to watch to help you enjoy your time.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)

Of course, a very controversial video will surely have its own share of parodies and ridicule.


A Funny Montage

Pewdiepie is a very popular game reviewer whose videos are loved by many thanks to his funny comments and reactions.


New Disney Show – Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live can go from humor to totally ridiculous. No wonder people love this show!



I am no gym buff but I have my share of fitness routines in order to prevent accumulation of further fat around my waist. Whenever I fatten up, my waist and thighs are the easiest targets for fat accumulation. It’s annoying because people think I’m pregnant whenever my tummy fattens up. LOL!


In order to trim it down and maintain a trimmed waist, I do the following (in order):

1. Stretch (arms and legs) 16 counts each

2. Lunges (carrying dumb bells with one stretched forward when lunging) arm 16 counts

3. Abdominal crunch (standing position) 16 counts

4. Threadmill or jog in place (10 minutes)

5. Repeat steps 1-4

6. For cool down, breathing while stretching



abdominal crunch

Abdominal Crunch

If you’ve been blessed with an awesome travel buddy, why not show your appreciation for him/her by availing a present for him/her. Don’t know what to give? Here are some recommendations (available through Lazada PH).

Halo Sid Camera Case (Red)

The case fits most SLR cameras and is heavily cushioned for camera support. It is double zip on and made of washable cotton polyester material. Purchase this for only P995.00!


Gala Spa Bag Net (Green)

This bag is perfect for the beach because of the nylon mesh net material. It is lightweight and may be used as a shopping bag as well. It is easy to clean as well; simply hand wash with mild detergent. At P379.00, this bag is a steal!


Le Organize Cosmetic Organizer (Neon Green)

For only P309.00, you can avail this organizer for your traveler friend. Made of canvas material with 3 zippered compartments and 2 compartments, the organizer comes with a stainless metal hook.


Amulet Success Luggage Tag (Red)

For only P199.00, you get to wish your friend success while giving him a neat bag tag at the same time. Made of durable silicone, this luggage tag is a must-have for traveling.


Fab Patent Passport Wallet(Orange)

The patent material of this vibrant wallet is perfect for easy clean up. It is lined with printed cloth material. Avail it at P225.00 only!


The New Year’s here and our most-awaited game titles will come forth soon enough! I’m so excited! Want to know what I’m waiting for? Here’s my list!


Final Fantasy XV

The cool and hunky looking protagonist have made many gamers especially Final Fantasy fans salivating to play this game. But kidding aside, a new world, a new story will surely wow gamers again. The magic, action, challenges, and more will surely be worth the wait!

see here:

see here:



Not sure yet if this will be a purely ninja-style gameplay like Shinobido or Tenchu but it looks awesome! The protagonist looks and sounds awesome, too!

see here:

see here:


Murdered Soul Suspect

This is the first time I’ve seen such a storyline or gameplay. A ghost is the protagonist. What makes me wonder (apart from knowing who killed him) is what will happen in the end. Will he finally rest in peace..? Will he magically come to life again?

see here:



If you’re not personally updated with the movie buzz, then you might want to check out the following trailers of movies to come this year! I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!


22 Jump Street

The guys are back and they moved across the street to bring more fun to another school but this time, it’s college. I’m sure it will be filled with adrenaline fun again.



Starring Angelina Jolie, this movie is the remake of the Disney cartoon classic Sleeping Beauty. But this time, the focus is on the antagonist, the black witch Maleficent. It is a darker and more mature kind of fairytale compared to the original but still has a General Audience approval rating.



I like Adam Sandler films and this new film with Drew Barrymore got me all giddy! The trailer already made me laugh.


How To Train Your Dragon 2

The first movie was so great so of course I’m excited for the second one!


Heaven Is For Real

The popular book is finally a movie! I was planning to read it but I’ll just check the movie instead. Haha! This reminds of Mitch Albom’s book The Five People You Meet In Heaven.